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DictionARy: an augmented reality intervention in a bricks and mortar library (2019)

DictionARy (2019) is an augmented reality artwork, made with software developer, Mark Hurry. It’s a site-specific artwork created for libraries. It continues Prophet’s experiments with the form of dictionaries and her love of lexicography. In earlier artworks she lasercut dictionaries to visualise selected definitions of arguably […]

Pocket Penjing (2018)

  How much do you know about the air you breathe? What if, as well as the numbers about heat, moisture and pollutants, you had a tree that grows in front of your eyes to show you the air quality from any chosen monitoring station? This project […]

Neuro Memento Mori (2014)

3D printed sculptures, polymer, from MRI data This ongoing series of works (2014–) emerge from a collaboration between Jane Prophet and neuroscientists Zoran Josipovic (NYU), Andreas Roepstorrf and Joshua Skewes (Aarhus University). Jane is the subject of a trial where she looks at representations of memento mori […]

Bad Hand: leave me alone (2013)      

Customised vintage angle-poise lamp with miniature video projector, vintage table and chair, sheet of white paper The video piece, leave me alone (2013) from the series Bad Hand is in homage to the allegedly psychotic patient of a European psychiatric institution, Emma Hauck. Her penciled letters […]

Second Skin: straitjacket (2013)

Custom-made parka with reversed hood and straitjacket clasps Second Skin: straitjacket (2013) is one of a pair of garments based on the concept of a second skin which is common to a range of clothing-related fetishes. The work is part of a series of pieces […]

Second Skin: Parka (2013)

Custom-made parka with extended snorkel hood and extended arms Second Skin: Parka (2013) is based on the concept of a second skin which is common to a range of clothing-related fetishes. The garment acts as a fetishistic surrogate for the wearer’s own skin – a […]

Manifestations (2013)

Manifestations (2013) comprises 7 pairs of photographic works based on the content of letters I received from a man who has stalked me for over 25 years. The letters that I received were sometimes lengthy and contained rich descriptive passages about objects, people and places. Five […]

Swarm (1996)

SWARM (1996) was an interactive installation inspired by some of then current thoughts about biological machines and ‘hive mind’. Briefly, the concept of hive mind is based on the premise that an insect colony is not merely the analogue of an organism, but is an […]