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Jim Edwards reports on the M6 GT's outing at the 40th reunion for Can Am cars at Road America

David Prophet was our father. A "Privateer" racing driver, a bit of a party animal, David was well known amongst his circle of friends for his risk-taking, his parties and his (sometimes excessive) behaviour. This website is our attempt to tell the story of the man and his cars. We want to build up a picture of his life as a racing driver that is multifaceted. We'd like to hear your stories. Thanks to people who have already begun to contact us, please keep the info coming.

David's love of motor vehicles was evident even as a school boy. In the 1950s he was at Sedbergh boarding school, where the boys were not allowed cars. His Uncle, a surrogate father as David's parents were in Hong Kong, helped him to drive a car from Devon to Sedburgh and to hide it nearby, under a railway arch. David would bunk off school to drive and fix the car. This first love affair with a car ended when he crashed, speeding over a hump backed bridge. The Headmaster was informed, the car banned, and David's school report that year included the Headmaster's reference to "the car incident".

As we develop this web site we will expand this biography alongside all other sections. Our mother, Joan, David's widow, is working on a commentary to accompany the images and pages. We'll add this commentary bit by bit.

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