Jane Prophet is a British artist living in the US. She has worked with new media for two decades and integrates it with traditional materials to produce ‘surprising and beautiful objects’. She makes photographic pieces, temporary installations, objects and video.

Site-specific light-based installations include Conductor, a flooded power station lit with luminescent cables and Counterbalance, an outdoor installation in rural Australia made in response to climate change.

Many pieces explore of our experience of contemporary landscape. Decoy and The Landscape Room combine images of real and simulated landscapes, and Model Landscapes includes miniature trees made from mathematical data. Works-in-progress include a large scale earthwork and a series of planting pieces such as a meadow and orchard.

Jane Prophet has been a key member of a number of internationally acclaimed projects that break new ground in art and science. Her collaborations with stem cell researchers, mathematicians and heart surgeons radically re-envisage the human body. Past projects include the award-winning website, TechnoSphere and in 2005 she won a National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts Fellowship to develop interdisciplinary artworks. She continues to be Professor of Art and Interdisciplinary Computing at Goldsmiths, London.