Pocket Penjing (2018)



How much do you know about the air you breathe? What if, as well as the numbers about heat, moisture and pollutants, you had a tree that grows in front of your eyes to show you the air quality from any chosen monitoring station?

This project Pocket Penjing (2018) does just that. It’s a miniature tree in your pocket, a mobile App that uses live data to let you see how air quality would impact the growth of a cherry blossom tree. You can see the tree grow in front of your eyes, in 3D, using augmented reality. It’s a mobile plant that you can take out and show your friends wherever you are. Anywhere you place the graphic marker, the tree grows. On your table, balcony, the side of the road, a classroom or your office.

The first version of the App is fully functional, next we will add different tree species and work with bigger graphical markers so you can see life size trees growing in your neighbourhood. See a video demo here. See more on Mark Hurry’s website.

Made in collaboration with Mark Hurry, Leslie Chan and Yong Ming Kow. Made with support from Hong Kong Research Grants Council.